This Temple is situated on the eastern bank of Irikkur River. This part of the country was formerly occupied by Namboodiri Bramhins. They were living there as a ‘gramam’ exclusively. The surrounding land was all dense forest. During tippu’s invasion the entire ‘gramam’ was destroyed by the invading army. Most of the Nambooiris were slaughtered and the remaining fled abandoning all their belongings and their temples. There were two temples: one Vishnu temple at...


Kalliat Thazhthuveedu family have many temples and shrines belong tto them as absolute owners. Mamanikkunnu Temple was one of them. The temple was originally intended for family worship. It was being maintained using family funds. About 30 years ago, the number of devotees from out side the temple began to increase suddenly. No reason can be attributed to this sudden development, except that, was Devi’s wish.

Darsana Samayam


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Even as recently as 50 years ago, this part of the country was dense forest.Beyond the gramam occupied by Brahmins before, it was all forest land. It is believed that thousands of years ago this...


The presiding deity of the temple is Shree Mahadevi who is also called “Parashakthi”.