Kalliat Thazhthuveedu family have many temples and shrines belong tto them as absolute owners. Mamanikkunnu Temple was one of them. The temple was originally intended for family worship. It was being maintained using family funds. About 30 years ago, the number of devotees from out side the temple began to increase suddenly. No reason can be attributed to this sudden development, except that, was Devi’s wish.

People began to come from all parts of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu. When the number of worshipers exceeded, the then Karnavar of the family sought the help of some local people to regulate the state of affairs. He constituted a committee for that purpose. But that committee gradually usurped the powers of the Karanavar and began to behave as if they were the supreme body to control. They got themselves registered as a society without the knowledge or approval of the Karnavar. They collected money from the Hundials of the temple and deposited it in the name of the registered Samithy instead of the temple in various banks. They never consulted the Karnavar in any matters.

They began to take steps to eliminate all traces of control by the family. When the present Karnavar became the senior most, he dismissed the committee and took over the management himself. He appointed a General Manager for the temple. The General Manager then managed the temple after obtaining directions from the Karnavar. Present Karnavar had discussion with the HR & CE (Admn.) dept. A suitable scheme was prepared and the temple came under the HR & CE (Admn.) Malabar Devaswam Board. At present the temple administration is with the Trustee and Executive Officer appointed by the Trustee under Malabar Devaswam Board.


Brahmah Shri Kattumadam Elayedath Eesanan Namboothiripad

Present Karnavar

K.T. Balagopalan Nbr.
'Sreenilayam', Pattanur, Kolappa.

Fit person

K.T. Prahladan Nbr.
Kapparatty House, Ponniam West - P.O, Tellicherry 670641.

Present Executive Officer -

P.Muraleedharan Cheruvathoor

In common parlance the Karnavar is called a “Trustee” but infact he is not a Trustee, he is only Karnavar of the family in charge of the temple, for the family. If at the all he can be termed a trustee it is only with reference to the family members.

The income of the temple is mainly from its coffers and from its various offerings performed by devotees. Money collected for offerings is almost equal to the expenses. Money collected from Hundials is deposited in the bank that constituted the fund for construction work. Prasadam Bhakshanam (food) is given by the temple nobady is denied food. The prasadam food given by the temple is the mainstay of the devotees. On Tuesdays, Fridays And Sundays and on certain other auspicious days people come to worship in thousands. Elaborate arrangements are made to feed all. In recent months devotees have been coming for the night poojas also in large numbers and food is given at night also in the temple. At present there is only limited convenience to accommodate night worshippers. The Temple management was taken over the Governments of Kerala vide an official order with effect from 04-12-2006. The Trustee was authorized by the government to appoint a suitable person as Executive Officer to manage the affairs of the temple under the guidance of the Trustee. The Government of Kerala approved a scheme submitted by the Trustee for the purpose.

Kalliat Tazhathuveettil family owns and manages several other temples and shrines in different places. Mamanikkunnu is the mainstay for those establishments also. Substantial help is given to them for their maintenance and repair by the temples. Annual allotments are made to help the other temples owned by the family also under the scheme referred to above.